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It is a gorgeous Saturday here.  I’m waffling between taking a nap and going more chores.  I got up very early this morning and now at 1:29pm I have completed a full day’s work.  Groceries are procured, from the very handsome, tattooed checker at the Publix.   I maybe regret not inviting him to the show tonight, but perhaps he’s married and our interaction was so pleasant that I didn’t want to taint it with anxiety or disappointment.  Laundry is done, though still demanding to be folded, but that won’t take but mere minutes and will probably be done shortly.  The kitchen is clean, the rugs are all shook out and vacuumed.  I hiked approximately 3 miles, maybe a third of it on rough trail, the rest paved.  The Greenway, where I hiked was filled with wildflowers, sprung forth from the rain Tropical Storm Lee dumped on us, I think. The insane abundance of flowers made for an equally insane abundance of butterflies. And despite the parking lot being full, I passed very few people in the park. A lovely morning all around.  I hit some garage sales on thw way back, though didn’t buy anything.  Yes, perhaps a nap is in order.  The only drawback is that this is Tennessee so I can’t go nap in the grass for fear of chiggers and ticks.  Still it’s been an abundantly lovely day, still to filled with meeting up with friends and going to see my friend play live music.  I have fantastic new shoes and clothes to wear out and maybe I’ll put up my hair.

I’d write more but it would only be about work or drama or other things less joyous than a beautiful Saturday, so I’ll save it, perhaps for a rainier day or lazier Sunday.