Ugh, so I was going to talk about setting boundaries today.  I’ve been composing it in my head since Sunday, but then I went to my doctor’s appointment.  It seems everything I went there for is a-okay.  However, my answers to some of her questions alarmed her enough that I got to have an emergency pelvic exam (which she did over her lunch break, people) and I get to go Thursday for an intravaginal ultrasound (the nurse who just called me to confirm the appointment made it sound really unpleasant) and then I go next Tuesday for a biopsy on what appears to a basal cell carcinoma.  Which I am assured by all the medical folks I spoke today is no big deal and probably just needs to be removed and I need to be checked to  make sure there are no others that need to be removed.  Also it appears I might have mucosal vitiligo, which would mean nothing (?? yeah, they said that) except it does put me in a super low risk group for malignant carcionomas, so that’s good.

I was really upset when I got back from the appointment.  My mom called after I texted her and she was super anxious and upset about it which seems to have calmed me down.  So no big deal, right?  If it isn’t malignant, then it’s removed and I have insurance.  The ultrasound is for concerns over ovarian cysts which are sucky but also no big deal.  And it’s not like I can do anything but wait anyway. Still, SERIOUSLY?  Ugh.