Full blown panic attack, around 11 am this morning (still on-going).  Not sure what set it off, but it’s perhaps the first one in two weeks.  Which is good over all, but barely able to resist the urge to flee my office right now. Gah.

Update (around 12:30): Email full of happening-right-now vacation photos from Cedar made me feel a little better (how do you not love a guy who sends you pictures he took of himself underwater and then refers to them as ‘Cedar-sea-monster’ pictures?).  Trying to choose something for lunch for Hawthorn to pick up and bring me reduced me to tears. Klonopin time.  It’s been weeks since I had to take it during the day, but I can’t possibly be any less effective than I am right now.

Update 2 (around 3pm): Klonopin and fried chicken helped immensely.  Still feel heart-racey and out of sorts, but calmer and like I’ll live through the day. Canceled movie night in favor of a long walk in the park after work.