I have big meeting in the morning.  I’m exhausted from working a 17 hour day yesterday.  I didn’t get most the things I wanted to do done tonight because I either needed another set of hands, or an implement I didn’t have.  I am cranky, miserable, mean and PMS-y. I want to be asleep.  I wanted to be asleep an hour ago.  But it’s storming crazy hard outside and I’m still freaked out from storms after last year’s floods.  I struggled to find an mp3 of ‘white noise’ for relaxation on my music player that didn’t contain rain sounds (I’m trying to blot it out with Monastery Garden right now).  I took Klonopin, but it hasn’t kicked in yet.  So I’m just sitting here tense, miserable and a little freaked out.

Okay, I was just about to say that writing was helping, but then the tornado sirens started going off and apparently I live much closer to them now and they are very loud. Ugh.  I’d really like to at least be curled up on the couch, but no, I don’t have a couch.  Straight line winds are hitting just south of here and

Okay, ten minutes have passed since I wrote that last bit.  It looks like the worst part has just passed over us.  Tornado sirens and emergency sirens everywhere.  85mph winds.  Still have power.

(ten minutes passed) Trees down everywhere.  A friend lost a big one over power lines a couple blocks away. Supposed to be just lesser rain and wind, that is to say, crazy storm but the tornado warning is passed.  Emergency sirens in every direction.

Posting, going to check in with folks as I can via text.