Moving in 3 days!  I’m, um, I guess as ready as I need to be at this point.  Tomorrow I’m going to sell my wedding ring and buy me a TV. Heh. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to sell it before, but Hawthorn just sold his and I’d I can get half what he got I”ll be happy.  I need 30 Rock every week every week way more than I need a reminder of a marriage than ended a decade ago.

Packing, furniture refinishing and all seem to be moving apace.  I’m completely scattered though.  I keep having these mini bursts of deep thoughts that I mean to post here but by the time I sit down they are gone from my brain.  I can say that I am feeling better over all.  I know because I find my desire to interact with people is dramatically increased.  And I’m really feeling this need to reach out to my friends, not just for support, but just because I want to enjoy them and being around them.

I got a promotion at work.  Which is awesome recognition of my work, but chaotic and more work.  And maybe not the raised I”d hoped for, but still YAY MORE MONEY!  And I’m negotiating for a fancy title, you know for future job stuff.  But it’s all a little stressy on top of my current stressiness. Still, soon to be moved and then at least I’ll have a calm place, yeah?

I’m in a good place with the apartment and work.  I feel like they are both things I deserve and have worked for.  For a long time even when good things happened I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but not right now with these these things.  It’s fairly refreshing not to worry about needlessly about stuff like that.  However I keep repeating the line from Tales of the City where Mouse says that you can’t have the trifecta of a hot job a hot apartment and a hot guy, that one always ends up being a compromise.  For now, I guess I’m glad to not worry about the guy, but mostly I find I have to convince myself that that isn’t true.  Someday I’ll have al three, yeah.

Really, what I want most is spring time.  I’m spending way too much time thinking about spring clothes and winter ending.  The weather here is gorgeous right now, but I am certainly waiting for the other shoe to drop on that.  February, she can be cruel.  And March has that whole lion/lamb thing.